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Started by sngwthme, April 22, 2005, 05:38:32 am

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Been gone a while and just had the chance to browse a little and I am dying to know when this wonderful work by Burton Dickerson is going to be available??
The preview is fantastick!


I was hoping to have this out long ago. It\'s a collection he\'s been working on here and there for years and everyone who ever see it loves it so I thought I would have have it printed and offer it here. There was a bit of sticker shock when I got some quotes for a book of color prints. At the moment I\'m working on a black and white version and consider putting together a PDF version for download. Hope to have it soon. Glad you liked them.


Well ,you can put me down for at least two copies whichever way you decide to go. What a riot! I love it!


I\'m interested too! And say...don\'t you know someone who publishes art books? *whistles innocently*
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