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Started by X, November 20, 2012, 10:12:06 am

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I saw something very peculiar at a local record store while I was getting some more music.


I see Bermuda Triangle there as well, I've been hoping to randomly find that one for ages ;D


Bermuda Triangle is a common occurance around here


What other Buckethead CD's did they have at that store? I'm just curious.

Every record store I go to, I look to see if there's a copy of Shadows lying around...no luck yet  >:(


Generally, these are the albums I see at that particular store:

  • Colma

  • Monsters and Robots

  • Bermuda Triangle

  • Electric Tears

  • Bucketheadland 2 (sometimes)

  • Acoustic Shards

  • Electric Sea

I also bought my copy of Enter the Chicken at that store which was the second album I ever bought. However, this is the Rasputin Music store in Concord. In Berkeley there's another Rasputin's which I've seen carry Giant Robot, The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell, Kaleidoscalp, and From the Coop as well as the ones I listed above. Mostly it's just several copies of Colma and Monsters and Robots, though.


I've seen Kaleidoscalp a couple of times. The funny thing is that it was located in the International/Jazz section.


Can read the price. Does it say $11.99? Better buy that!


Out of all the record stores I've been to (Amoeba, Newbury Comics, FYE) I've seen:
Monsters and Robots
From the Coop
Acoustic Shards
Electric Tears
Electric Sea
Bucketheadland 2
Cobra Strike
Cobra Strike 2
Bermuda Triangle
Elephant Man's Alarm Clock
Pepper's Ghost
Island of Lost Minds
Kevin's Noodle House
Giant Robot

All were around $13 except for Bucketheadland 2 and Cobra Strike, they were $20. Great prices.


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This topic spurred me into going and looked for some records that i'm missing and i found a used somewhere over the slaughterhouse at FYE for 35 bucks. Thought it was a good deal so i nabbed it.

hoping for peppers soon.
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