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the new c.d. from Eliza Gilkyson, is a collection of songs gathered from recording sessions over the last 7 years that didn't fit conceptually on previous c.d.'s but fit great together here. Featuring some rocking material and some stellar performances by veteran musicians Mark and Matt Andes (Spirit, Heart, JoJoGunne), Tony Gilkyson and D.J. Bonebrake (X), and a Dylan cover duet with John Doe. This is a family effort with the Andes brothers on bass and slinky national steel guitar,and Eliza's brother Tony all over the electric guitar, Eliza's old friend John Egenes on mandolin, and even a track with her son Cisco on drums. Eliza has been known to delve deeply into relationships, emotions, soul searching, and the pondering of the the imponderables. Not that she doesn't dig deep, but the attitude here is less vulnerable and she's more in her power as a woman and a singer. The songs range from an irreverent portrait of an almost affair between a priest and a neophyte("Father Jesus"), to a sexy tropical island fantasy ("Beautiful Dreamer") featuring a swooping Vera Cruz style harp played by Arturo Gerst (Linda Ronstadt), to the alternative country approach on "Bad Boy / Good Man", a winner in the John Lennon Song writing Competition. "Hollywood Years" is a quirky East Indian style storytelling of her years in the trenches of the music business in L.A., and for vintage Gilkyson check out the world weary "Sleep Tonight" or the lonely soul searching of "Mama's Little Baby" or the Great Hereafter pondering of "Last Big Thrill", featuring an oft-missed facet of Laurie Lewis' wondrous fiddle playing.